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QA Challenges to Avoid Yak Shaving

Simple Steps for QA

When it comes to regression testing, QA (Quality Assurance) teams may face the challenge of avoiding yak-shaving.

Yak Shaving

Here are some tips to help QA Engineers avoid it:

  • Define a clear scope: When you have a clear scope of what needs to be tested, you will be able to avoid testing sections that may lead to yak-shaving as a result of testing unrelated areas.
  • Prioritize test cases: The best way to avoid spending too much time on non-critical test cases is to prioritize them based on their importance and relevance to the changes in the latest release, so you avoid spending too much time on tests that are not critical.
  • Use automation: In order to save time and ensure that testers are not slowed down by repetitive and time-consuming tasks, automation can be implemented to automate repetitive and time-consuming tests.
  • Create reusable test cases: It is possible to save the testers plenty of time by creating reusable test cases so that they do not have to repeat the same tests for different releases.
  • Stay organized: It is very important to keep track of test results, defects, and other important information in an organized, clear manner, as this can help avoid confusion and prevent testers from having to repeat tests over and over again.

By following these tips, QA teams can ensure that they are spending their time and effort on testing the right areas and avoiding unnecessary yak-shaving while still achieving the required level of quality.



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