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Pixelmator Features: Bento Grid and EPS Support

Cool things in Pixelmator Pro

Pixelmator Pro Bento Box

Pixelmator Pro recently had some new updates, including Bento Box. This design is famously used by Apple Computer to highlight features of a newly announced product. There's design for Landscape and Story. (I think the story designs needs some work - there appears to be too much white.)

Bento Grid Pixelmator Pro
All the new Bento Grid Designs.

Four Things I Learned

The iPhone image is a mockup feature and you can easily replace the inside image by clicking on the '+'. It's a good way to showcase a website or App.

You can easily replace the colors by double clicking on the shape.

The Landscape version is 1920 x 1080 and the Story version is 1080 x 1920.

There's no video version of the Bento Box template, maybe that's something to come in a future update? In the meantime you can check out some designs on

Illustrator EPS File Support

Pixelmator Pro also introduced Illustrator EPS File Support. This feature allows users to Open and edit Illustrator EPS files in Pixelmator Pro or batchconvert them to other formats using the Convert Image action in Shortcuts.

Pixel Mator Pro E P S

Four Things I Learned

It takes a long time to open and use a file that is pretty complications - such as the image above.

The layer previews are good to help identify the various objects in the layer group. Its much easier to navigate than Affinity Designer.

I have some AI files that contain a group of quotes, and it was impossible to select the quotes in the image. In Affinity Designer, I can hold down the Command key to select the region that I want to copy.

While it was neat to play around with EPS and AI files in Pixelmator, I think I stay using Affinity Designer for now.



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