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Cleaning Powerbook

I need to make some space available on my Powerbook G4 for upcoming vacation. There's very little space available for pictures and video that I'll be on taking on our trip. I am not sure what's using up all the disk space on my laptop, my initial guess is a lot of small files and not a few large files.

Here's the plan on freeing up disk space on the laptop:

iPhoto Library
Clean out all the old photos that I don't need, back them up to a DVD and remove the orginals from computer

iTunes Library
Remove all old pod casts. There's no need to keep archive of old podcasts. I can always goto iTunes and get the old recordings at any time.

Large Files
Search the computer for large files greater than 2MB. Backup any files that haven't been used for a while and delete them from the computer.

All my mail is archive on my desktop computer. I can go through my mail and delete anything I don't need. This means cleaning out the SPAM directory, there's zero reason to keep any spam mail. Pretty much the only valuable mail I have is the sent mail.

Backup all unused Application and removed them from the laptop. This includes games that I don't plan on using. I have plenty of cool games on my iPod touch and won't be taking the laptop out on the airplane to play games. Is there any reason to even have IE on my computer any more?

Using the above guidelines, I should be able to have enough space for my photos and video that I'll be taking on my vacation.



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