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Cocoatech promotes that Path Finder 7 allows you to become the master of file management. It's been in Production since Mac OX X has been part of Apple's system architecture. Cocoa tech and their long-standing customers know a thing or two about what makes a better file system.

I just started looking at this application because I need to better file management on my home iMac computer. My initial reaction to the application is that it's very cool and practical.

Some people may not be aware that the application exists because it doesn't appear in the 'Apple's App Store.' It's certainly worth looking at if you want a little more bang for your computer.

What is so special about Path Finder?

Here are some of the key things that I have found that separates Path Finder from the default MacOS Finder:

  • Easier to access Terminal
  • Ability to collect files and move/copy them in a single step via Drop Stack
  • Easily view and change hidden files
  • Application Launcher - Access all your apps with a simple key press
  • Ability to Compress Files with Passwords (Stuff or Zip Format)
  • Create Font Reports! You can print out the fonts in your system in their typeface.
  • Source Control - Easily run GIT/Subversion commands from the Path Finder window,

This is by no means a complete list of everything that Path Finder can do. There's a lot of functionality packed into one application. At first, it can seem overwhelming when your use to the basic features that the Finder gives you.

Did I find a Bug?

One downside to Path Finder 7 is that it doesn't appear to be sorting the file size correctly. In this example, I am sorting by size, but it's clearly not sorting correctly. It's not separating Files and Folders:

Path Finder Sizes

Turns out that other people had the same problem and it's not a bug! It's a feature called "Smart Sorting." Smart Sorting allows you to determine the order of the sort. By default, Applications come first, then Packages, then Folder and Files. You can reorder the sort any way you want to.

To view the listing as I would expect it, I had to disable the "Smart Sorting On" in the View Menu.

Window Toolbar Option

Here's one last thing to consider, check out the differences between the window toolbar options. This just shows you how powerful Path Finder is.

Click on image for a larger version.

I would recommend trying out the Path Finder 7 Demo for 30 days. It will take that amount of time to get use to PathFinder's interface. After a couple of days it will feel like you got a whole new system upgrade.

Note: I am not a paying customer of Path Finder 7 - Yet. I have a few more days of my trial and then I'll purchase the application. I am impress of all the tools that is available.



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