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I do a lot of copy/paste between Evernote and HTML. Since Evernote has RichText features, I decided to create a Keyboard Maestro Macro to clean up the clipboard before pasting into BBEdit, or another text editor.

Evernote Cleanup Macro

Evernote Filter

Some Tips

  • I have setup the Macro as a menu item because I don't need it all the time, and I don't want to accidentally enable the Macro without realizing it.
  • If this is a feature that you see handy to implement, I would recommend using an F key to enable it, or use '=clean' as the trigger key.
  • There is an extra step to convert any bullet items to HTML List items. After I paste the text, I just need to add an Unordered list tag at the beginning and the end.

Why not use BBEdit zap Gremlins Tool?

The BBEdit Zap Gremlins feature is awesome when I am in BBEdit. The nice thing about Keyboard Maestro is that it will work every application. I don't have to memorize the command to 'Paste and Match Style"

It comes in handy when copy/paste text from a website to an email - and I want to strip out all the formatting.

Apple Mail Paste



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