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GoPro Quick Macintosh

Quick Review of the Macintosh Version

GoPro has shaken things up with an update to their subscription offerings. They've introduced a new tier called "GoPro Premium" that replaces the older subscription plan. This new premium plan offers a more comprehensive feature set, including valuable benefits for both GoPro camera owners and users with footage from other sources.

What's New with GoPro Premium?

The key perk for GoPro Quik for Mac users is that the application is now bundled with the GoPro Premium subscription. This means that if you subscribe to GoPro Premium, you'll gain access to the full functionality of GoPro Quik for Mac as part of the package.

But the benefits extend beyond just desktop editing. GoPro Premium also unlocks unlimited cloud storage for all your GoPro footage, ensuring your action-packed memories are securely backed up. On top of that, GoPro Premium throws in an additional 25GB of cloud storage for videos captured with cameras or devices other than GoPros. This makes it a handy option for creators who want a centralized location for all their video projects, regardless of their source.

Go Pro Quick

This week I played around with GoPro Quik for Mac. Here are some things I learned.

GoPro Quik for Mac offers a user-friendly platform to transform your GoPro footage into shareable social media snippets. Here's a closer look at what it offers and where it falls short:

Subscription Holds the Key to Saving

Before diving into edits, be aware that saving your creations requires a subscription. The price is $4.99/month through Apple (check for potential variations on other platforms). This subscription unlocks a valuable perk: unlimited cloud storage for all your GoPro creations. It even throws in an additional 25GB for videos captured outside your GoPro.

Editing: Focused on Speed, Not Surgical Precision

While GoPro Quik excels at creating short, engaging clips, it doesn't cater to in-depth editing needs. Here's what you might find limiting:

  • Interface Hiccups: Editing longer videos can be a bumpy ride. The app sometimes prioritizes opening the preview window instead of the editing tools, leading to frustration.
  • Limited Text Options: Craving fancy intros or detailed captions? You might be disappointed. Text effect options are scarce.
  • Cropping and Transitions Left Out: GoPro Quik keeps things simple and doesn't offer control over how your video is cropped for different platforms or the transitions used between clips.

Where GoPro Quik Shines: Speed and Creative Themes

Despite the editing limitations, GoPro Quik holds its own in specific areas:

  • Swift Snippet Creation: Quickly transform lengthy GoPro videos into bite-sized content ideal for platforms like TikTok or YouTube Shorts.
  • Theme Library for Inspiration: Breathe life into your videos with a selection of 15 pre-made themes. These themes can add polish and a touch of creative flair to your social media clips.

The Verdict: Ideal for Effortless Social Media Content, Not a Replacement for Advanced Editing

If your goal is to create quick, shareable content to promote longer videos or showcase GoPro highlights on social media, GoPro Quik is a solid choice. However, if you require granular editing control over every aspect of your video, you might need a more robust editing software solution.



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