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PhotoBulk is a good Photo Utility software

PhotoBulk is a neat little application where you can apply four different tasks to an unlimited set of images.

This past summer, I got the application as part of the The Next Web software package deal. In September, they came out with an update - my purchase wasn't eligible for the free upgrade. However, they will offer a 50% discount on previous purchases, which is very good.

Photo Bulk Screens
The screen difference between the old view and the new view.


There are four different watermarks that you can apply to each image:

  • Text - Simple text, (i.e. Copyright Info) with the ability to select different font sizes and color. You can also change the opacity. You can change the angle or location of the text.
  • Image - Place any image logo in simi
  • Script - Repeat a text watermark on your image.
  • Datestamp - Add a timestamp to your image. You have the same capabilities as the text


This is useful if you want to transform a bunch of images to a similar size. You can change By Width, By Height, Percentage, By Max file size, Free Size.


You can reduce the size of images (JPG and PNG) files. The only bad part is that you can't tell if the compression will cause a serious quality problem with the images.

In my test, it actually did a pretty good job optimizing. I used the mid-point, called 'opt' and checked the files and they looked fine, I couldn't tell any visual difference.

Note: There is no preview functionality in the September update


Rename a the drop images. This is useful when you want to rename a bunch of common photos. Such as vacation photos.

Performing Action

When you start the action, the tasks will always create a new folder and put the new images in the folder. You don't have to worry about the original file.

Overall View

There are some useful functionality however, I think your better off using functiionality in GraphicConverter or PhotoScape X. These applications offer a lot more features. At the end of the day, you get more bang for your buck.

The watermark feature in PhotoBulk is nice, but not something that I would be using frequently.



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