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ProCam Triple Feature

Take a photo using all three lens at the same time

Did you know that ProCam can now take photos with three different lenses at once? This is a game-changer for mobile photography and opens up a whole new world of creative possibilities. With the three lenses, you can now capture wide-angle shots with more clarity, take closer shots with more detail, and even zoom in further than ever before. This means that you can now take photos with greater depth, clarity, and detail than ever before.

On the iPhone 14 Pro, there are three lenses: wide-angle, telephoto, and ultra-wide. Each lens offers different photo-taking capabilities. With a wide-angle lens, you can capture a wider range of images while a telephoto lens allows you to get closer to your subject without losing quality. Also, the ultra-wide lens gives you even wider coverage, so you can fit even more into your photo!

With iOS 14's new "Triple Lens Capture" mode, users can now take photos using all three lenses simultaneously, giving them unprecedented flexibility when using their iPhones for photography.

If you enable Triple Lens Capture, any photographer will be able to capture stunning images like never before - whether it's landscapes or portraits alike - resulting in photos that look truly professional grade!

Enable the Triple Camera Mode

Enable Lens Mode

iphone Pro Cam1a

You will need to launch the ProCam app and select the Photo mode, then click on the lens icon at the top right of the screen.

Select Triple

iphone Pro Cam 2

Now select the Triple icon - it will be the top icon with the three circles. The other options represent the other lens available. Only in ProCam can you select all three at once!

Shoot Away!

iphone Pro Cam3a

Take all the pictures you want! You can see you are in triple lens mode because of the red guides. Pro Tip: Make sure to have the focus in the middle of the screen.



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