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iPhone 14 Pro Max Tripod Mount

Still a Great Tripod Mount

In 2019, I blogged about the Glif Tripod Adapter and how its my favorite adapter. Turns its still an awesome tripod adapter to the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Glifi Phone14

Three things I Learned about the Tripod Mount

My Glif tripod adapter was purchased in 2019 for $29.99 and has been an excellent purchase. The product has stood the test of multiple dings at the bottom of my camera bag, as well as varying New England weather conditions.

Studio Neat has the Glif Tripod Adapter on Backorder. Not sure when they will have it back in stock - or how long it has been back ordered. There's none available on eBay or Amazon.

The bad thing about this mount is that it blocks the ability to use the Magsafe. So I can't charge the phone while connected to the Glif Tripod Adapter. Technically, I could still use the cable to charge the phone.



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