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Great software to manage your devices

I have heard about imazing software for a few years - and didn't think much of it.

For those that don't know, iMazing allows you to manage your iOS devices without the need for iTunes. It's a great single-source application that lets you manage your Music, Ringtones, Books, Photos, Messages and more.

I recently purchased it in the October BundleHunt deal. It was a good deal for $6.

This use to be called DiskAid, but was changed to iMazing in 2014 to better reflect the value of the application.

i Mazing

Five Things I like about iMazing

I like that I am able to move over Music and Movies onto the iPhone from my MacBook Pro and iMac.

Now that Apple split Music and Movies to different Apps, it is no longer fun to manage my device. iMazing makes it easy to manage the device in one application.

I can sort the Photos/Video listing by size. Now I can remove the larger files that are taking up too much space on my phone. A really good way to manage the iPhone.

I can now better manage files in the Books section. I can finally get rid of outdated books and add important PDF manuals. That I can read when I have no internet - such as BBEdit and the Affinity Photo Manual.

Backing up messages is cool! But backing up Voicemail is awesome. Now I can completely clear out all those old voice messages. I can also save the transcript to a CSV file - something that isn't possible in any Apple application.

My Recommendation

Get iMazing if you want more control with your iOS device. It really gives you a lot more control on backing up your device.

Getting iMazing

You can download iMazing 2 for Mac and PC on iMazing website.

A single license cost $44.99 - however, you can usually find the software bundle with other apps for a much cheaper price.



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