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March 4, 2024

1998 Commercials

Classic Commercial I found on a VHS tape

This video features a compilation of commercials from 1998. The commercials advertise various products and services, including Sprint's dime rate plan, Taco Bell's Nachos Bell Grande, and Jack in the Box's Ultimate Cheeseburger.

The first commercial is for Sprint's dime rate plan. The commercial starts with a woman who is suddenly promoted to boss. She decides to take the day off and go shopping. She tries on clothes and feels great about how they look on her. Later, at the salon, she meets Candice Bergen, who tells her that she got up to 200 minutes of free long distance for signing up for Sprint's dime rate plan. The commercial ends with a call to action, encouraging viewers to sign up for Sprint's dime rate plan for 10 cents a minute and get up to 200 minutes free.

The second commercial is for Taco Bell's Nachos Bell Grande. The commercial features a brief announcement about Taco Bell's Nachos Bell Grande, which was available for just 99 cents when you buy a large drink in 1998.

The third commercial is for Jack in the Box's Ultimate Cheeseburger. The commercial features men discussing the Ultimate Cheeseburger. One man likes the fact that the cheeseburger is just meat and cheese, and doesn't have a bun. Jack questions why the cheeseburger needs a bun if it's just meat and cheese. The commercial ends with the two men agreeing to look into the bun issue.

Overall, this video provides a glimpse into advertising from the late 1990s. The commercials feature catchy slogans, celebrity endorsements, and a focus on value. They also reflect the popular culture of the time, such as the rise of mobile phones and the popularity of fast food.

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February 26, 2024

Mort Sahl (YouTube Shorts)

The Presidency: The Wit and Wisdom (1986)

Mort Sahl, a trailblazing satirist, was known for his incisive commentary on politics, society, and current events. Armed with a rolled-up newspaper, he took to the stage and delivered extended improvised monologues that dissected the headlines of the day. His unique blend of stand-up comedy and political satire made him a true icon.

Comedy as Social Commentary

Sahl believed that comedy should emerge from opinion and challenge the established order. He lamented the cautiousness of many contemporary comedians, emphasizing that they should tackle weighty issues rather than merely discrediting individuals. In an era when the stakes are higher than ever, Sahl's words resonate: "Too much comedy today is vulgar, not clever."

The Presidency: The Wit and Wisdom

Here are a couple of YouTube Shorts from "The Presidency: The Wit and Wisdom" an event at the Gerald Ford Museum in 1986.

Might be best to watch on YouTube.

February 19, 2024

Gary Radnich: It Happened Tonight

KRON Sports: Baseball, Tennis and More!

This KRON Sports video covers a variety of sports news, including baseball, tennis, and more. Here's a recap of the top stories:

  • St. Louis Cardinals win 2-0 against the Montreal Expos. Rookie pitcher Bud Smith threw a no-hitter, while Woody Williams pitched a six-inning perfect game. The Cardinals are now 10-4 on the season.
  • Brad Gilbert defeats Andre Agassi in the US Open quarterfinals. Gilbert won in four tiebreakers, and his wife Bridget was there to celebrate with him.
  • Other sports news: The video also mentions other sports news, but it is not clear what they are.

Overall, this is a short but informative video that covers a variety of sports news. If you are a fan of sports, then you will want to check it out.

In addition to the above, the video also mentions the following:

  • Ken Camenetti made a catch in the dugout, but it was not a legal catch.
  • Morley Safer and Mike Wallace are amazing.
  • The video was made past midnight.

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February 12, 2024

Monday Morning Motivation

Quick Hit of Motivation

In the digital realm, where pixels dance and inspiration flows, we find a short YouTube video?a beacon of motivation. Created with passion and purpose, this video transcends the days of the week. Let's dive into its essence and explore how it can ignite the fire within us.

The Quick Hit of Motivation

Why Mondays?

Mondays?the universal symbol of fresh starts and renewed intentions. But why limit motivation to just one day? Our lives don't operate on a weekly calendar; they pulse with energy every moment. So, let's break free from the Monday myth and embrace motivation daily.

The Video

In a concise two-minute burst, the video encapsulates profound thoughts about motivation. Here's what it whispers to our souls:

  1. Believe in Your Potential: You are more capable than you realize. Trust your abilities, even when doubt knocks at your door.

  2. Dreams Don't Wait for Mondays: Dreams don't wear calendars. They thrive on relentless pursuit. So, chase them today, tomorrow, and every day.

  3. The Power of Consistency: Consistency isn't a Monday ritual; it's a lifelong commitment. Small steps, repeated daily, lead to monumental achievements.

  4. Fuel Your Passion: Passion doesn't clock in at 9 AM on Mondays. It burns within you. Ignite it, stoke it, and let it guide your journey.

  5. Embrace Imperfection: Perfection is an illusion. Progress, however, is real. Embrace your flaws?they're stepping stones to growth.

The Challenge

As the video fades, it leaves us with a challenge: Be Inspired Today. Not just on Mondays, but every day. Take that leap, write that chapter, make that call, and dance with your dreams.

The Blog Post's Grand Finale

And now, without further ado, here's the video that encapsulates these thoughts. Click below, immerse yourself, and let motivation flow through your veins:

February 5, 2024


Great Tool to Create Quality Videos.

FlexClip is an online video editor that is easy to use and has a variety of features, making it a good option for beginners and professionals alike. Some of the key features of FlexClip include the ability to add text, music, and transitions to videos, as well as a library of royalty-free stock assets that users can incorporate into their videos.

Flex Clip

Five Things I Learned

AI Tools - There are seven AI tools: AI Text to Video, AI Video Script, AI Blog to Video, AI Image Generator, AI Text to Speech, and AI Background remover.

Templates - There are lots of templates to help get you started. There are 20-Intro/Outro templates were are great to have for any short project. These are quality generated Intro/Outros.

Text - There's all sorts of amazing text styles for just about everyone needs. You can easy add Basic Text syle which will display over any video - definitely trendy right now on Tik Tok. FlexClip is a great resource for anything text related. There's all sorts of practical styles for Social Media, Lower Thirds, Wedding Title, Birthday Titles, Shape Overlays, Broadcast Pack, Promo Badges, Big Title Overlays, Background Titles, and so much more.

AI Auto Subtitle - You can add AI subtitles to any video. There are 10 different Subtitle styles to select from. These are a great way to update any video with some Subtitle. The only "downside" is that this doesn't offer Subtitles that highlight the words being spoken. However, FlexClip offers a lot more styles than other places. The Subtitle translation is pretty good, and editing aftwards is a breeze.

Audio - Everyone wants good audio and FlexClip has got you covered. They have StoryBox Audio collection available right in your project. You can simply search for the audio type you need and listen to a preview. Try the Creepy Distane Wolves with Thunder Crack Roll Rumble for some amazing Halloween type video.

Will I Use this?

Absolutely! The AI features and the ability to quickly create videos make this an excellent tool. Additionally, it serves as a fantastic resource for post-Final Cut Pro editing, allowing the addition of graphics and filler images/videos to enhance the professionalism of my videos.

While other tools are available, FlexClip stands out for its ease of use. Many alternatives are either more expensive or offer limited features. Using FlexClip can significantly enhance the quality of your videos.

Overall, FlexClip is a great option for anyone looking for an easy-to-use online video editor with a variety of features.

New Videos in February

Be sure to check out the Media blog post all month long for some cool things that I do using FlexClip.

January 29, 2024

"Monsters Of Rap" CD/Cassette Collection TV Commercial

Unleashing the Beats

In the pantheon of classic TV commercials, few can match the rhythmic nostalgia and foot-tapping allure of the "Monsters Of Rap" CD/Cassette collection advertisement. A time capsule of rap's golden era, this commercial not only promoted a phenomenal compilation of tracks but also captured the essence of a genre that was rapidly reshaping the music landscape.

The Beat Drops with "Baby Got Back"

The commercial kicks off with the unmistakable bassline of Sir Mix-A-Lot's "Baby Got Back." This track, with its iconic opening line, doesn't just start the ad; it blasts open a portal to the early '90s. The choice of this song was a masterstroke. It was not just a chart-topper but a cultural phenomenon that encapsulated the era's attitude and style.

A Lineup of 35 Heavy-Hitters

What makes the "Monsters Of Rap" collection truly stand out is its exhaustive lineup of 35 massive hits. These aren't just songs; they're anthems that defined a generation. From the gritty storytelling of New York's streets to the laid-back vibes of West Coast G-funk, the collection spans the breadth of the genre's diverse sounds and stories.

A Nostalgic Trip Down Memory Lane

For those who grew up in the '90s, this commercial is more than just an advertisement; it's a trip down memory lane. Every beat and lyric takes you back to a time of boomboxes, high-top fades, and the thrill of recording your favorite songs off the radio. The commercial itself, with its rapid-fire montage of mega hits, mimics the energetic flow of a well-curated mixtape.

The Impact on a Generation

"Monsters Of Rap" did more than sell CDs and cassettes; it brought rap into the living rooms of America, introducing a wider audience to a genre that was often misunderstood. It played a crucial role in not just promoting artists but in validating rap as a significant and influential form of music.

A Collectible for Rap Enthusiasts

Today, the "Monsters Of Rap" collection holds a special place in the hearts of music enthusiasts and collectors. It's a tangible piece of music history, a snapshot of a time when rap was finding its voice and claiming its place in the musical mainstream.

The Commercial That Keeps on Giving

The enduring popularity of the "Monsters Of Rap" commercial lies in its ability to evoke nostalgia while still feeling relevant. It's a testament to the timeless nature of the tracks it features and the ongoing influence of '90s rap on today's music.

Watch and Relive the Magic

Now, it's time to relive the magic. Below is the iconic "Monsters Of Rap" TV commercial. Watch it, and let the nostalgia wash over you. Whether you're a die-hard fan of old-school rap or a newcomer curious about the genre's roots, this commercial is a delightful slice of musical history.

35 Hits

Song mentioned in the video:

Baby Got Back Sir Mix-A-Lot
Ice Ice Baby Vanilla Ice
Walk this Way Run DMC
Set Adrift On Memory Bliss P.M. Dawn
Scenario A Tribe Called Quest
Bust a Move You M.C.
Joy & Pain Rob Base & D.J. E-Z Rock
Wipe Out Fat Boys
Parents Just Don't Understand D.J. Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince
Tennessee Arrested Development
I got a Man Positive K
Now that we Found Love Heavy D
U Can't Touch This M.C. Hammer
Ann't Gonna Hurt Nobody Kid 'N Play
Pop Goes the Weasel 3rd Bass
Slam Onyx
Rump Shaker Wreckx-n-Effect

January 22, 2024

1999 Commercials

Some Fun Retro Commercials

Welcome back to our nostalgic journey through the enchanting world of retro commercials! Today, we're delving into a special find from my personal VHS collection. This tape, a relic of advertising's golden past, features some of the most iconic and memorable commercials that defined an era. Let's rewind and revisit these classics.

1. Burger King's Breakfast Delivery Revolution

Remember the time when the idea of having a hot breakfast delivered right to your doorstep seemed like a dream? Burger King made that dream a reality with their groundbreaking commercial. The ad opens with sleepy-eyed individuals waking up to the tantalizing aroma of a Burger King breakfast. The message was clear: why settle for a regular breakfast when you can start your day with the king of fast food? This commercial was more than just an advertisement; it was a cultural moment that redefined fast-food breakfast.

2. Kodak Moments in the Rain

Kodak, a titan in the photography industry, presented a heartwarming commercial that resonated with anyone who's ever tried to make the best of a less-than-ideal situation. It featured a newlywed couple on their honeymoon, faced with relentless rain. Instead of letting it dampen their spirits, they capture joyous moments with their Kodak camera, turning gloomy weather into an unforgettable series of 'Kodak Moments'. This ad was a beautiful reminder of the power of perspective and the magic that lies in capturing life's unexpected joys.

3. The Musical Charm of Diet Coke

Diet Coke took a creative turn in their advertising with a commercial that showcased a young man's musical journey. Strumming his guitar in public places, he collects enough coins to treat himself to a refreshing can of Diet Coke. This ad struck a chord with the audience, symbolizing the brand's connection with youthful aspirations, creativity, and the simple pleasures in life. It wasn't just about promoting a beverage; it was about celebrating the spirit of pursuing one's passion.

4. NBC's Introduction of 'The West Wing'

Last but certainly not least, NBC's commercial for the introduction of 'The West Wing' was more than just a show promo; it was a glimpse into a series that would become a television legend. The commercial gave viewers a sneak peek into the fast-paced, high-stakes world of the White House staff, promising drama, intrigue, and top-notch storytelling. This ad not only sparked excitement for the series but also signaled a shift in how TV dramas were perceived and produced.

Watch the 1999 Commercials


These commercials from my VHS collection are more than just creative ads; they are time capsules that capture the essence of their era. Each one tells a story, evokes nostalgia, and reminds us of the days when commercials were an integral part of our television experience. As we look back, we not only appreciate the creativity of these ads but also the fond memories they bring. So, let's keep rewinding those tapes and reliving the magic of these vintage commercials.

January 15, 2024

A Look at the Commercials of 1998

Trip Down Memory Lane

This YouTube video, titled "1998 Commercial," takes viewers on a nostalgic journey through the advertising landscape of 1998. From Saturn's heartwarming tales of Midwestern values to Mike Proctor's hilarious isolation experiment for Mentos, the video is a treasure trove of pop culture references and forgotten marketing gems.

One of the most striking aspects of the commercials is their focus on family and community. The Saturn Farm ad, for example, features the folksy Ray Woods extolling the virtues of neighborliness and shared values. This emphasis on togetherness is a stark contrast to the more individualistic tone of advertising today.

Another interesting trend is the use of humor to sell products. The Jack in the Box commercial, with its talking jail cell and color-coded meals, is a prime example of this. The ad's absurdity is sure to get a chuckle out of viewers, even if it doesn't make them rush out to buy a burger.

Of course, no trip down memory lane would be complete without a look at the latest technological advancements of the time. The Sprint ad touting its "Speak Freely on Monday Nights" promotion reminds us of a time when long-distance calling was still a luxury. And the Reebok commercial, featuring NFL star Reggie White, highlights the cutting-edge athletic gear of the era.

Overall, the commercials in this video offer a fascinating glimpse into the cultural zeitgeist of 1998. They are a testament to the power of advertising to shape our perceptions and reflect the values of the times. So next time you're feeling nostalgic, take a few minutes to watch this video and relive the glory days of late-90s advertising.

Watch the 1998 Commercials

January 8, 2024

1985 Commercials

Some Commercials I found in my collection

This video is a compilation of commercials from 1985. It features a variety of products, from toys and food to clothing and cars. The commercials are all catchy and reflect the culture of the time.

The video begins with a commercial for Giggles cookies. The commercial features two children who are excited about the new cookies because they have two kinds of cream inside. The next commercial is for Barbie's Magic Moves Barbie doll. The commercial shows the doll moving and posing in different ways.

The video then cuts to a commercial for Levi's jeans and cords. The commercial features a group of teenagers who are dancing and having fun. The next commercial is for McDonald's. The commercial features Ronald McDonald and his friends singing the McDonald's Land song.

The video then cuts to an NBC Education Series for Public Service. The message here is that kids should wear deodorants.

The video then cuts to a commercial for Wedding Bears. The commercial features two bears getting married. The commercial ends with the couple having a baby bear.

The video is a great way to take a trip down memory lane and see what commercials were like in 1985. It is also a fun way to learn about the culture of the time.

Watch the Video

0:00 Introduction
0:14 Giggles Cookies
0:39 Barbie - Magic Moves Barbie
1:09 Levi's
1:39 The McDonaldland Song
2:09 One to Grow On - NBC Educational Public Sevice
3:24 Wedding Bears

January 1, 2024

IBM and Philips Commercials

Classic Commercials from 2000s

This week's Media Monday features three classic commercials from the 2000s:

Ruffles Potato Chips: This commercial features a neighbor borrowing a cup of sugar from another neighbor, and then asking for a toothbrush and hair dryer as well. The punchline is that the neighbor is only asking for these things because the chips are flavored with the new Ruffles barbecue and cheddar flavor, which is so good that you can't help but want more.

IBM: This commercial features two business executives discussing how their companies have both made huge strides in e-commerce. They talk about web-based order tracking, customer data analysis, and ERP integration. The commercial ends with the tagline "Confused about e-business? Don't be. Get the software, services, and partners that make it easier."

Philips CD Recorder: This commercial features a pet lover quickly burning his own CDs with a Philips CD recorder for the pet parrot. The commercial emphasizes the ease of use of the recorder, and the fact that it allows you to create your own custom CDs with your favorite music.

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