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Some generals gift ideas for Macintosh Users

Are you looking for the perfect last-minute gift for your favorite computer geek? If they love Apple computers, then we've got some great ideas to help make their day extra special!

First up is an Apple Magic Keyboard. This sleek and stylish keyboard offers a comfortable typing experience with its low-profile design and optimized key travel. It also has built-in rechargeable batteries so it can be used wirelessly, making it ideal for those who like to take their work on the go.

Next, why not get them an Apple Pencil? This handy device allows users to draw or write directly onto compatible iPads or iPhones with ease and accuracy ' perfect if your giftee loves sketching or taking notes digitally. The pencil also comes in multiple colors so you can choose one that matches his/her style perfectly!

Magnetic Power Bank for the iPhone - The magnetic wireless power bank is a small device that connects to the phone and can provide you with instant power when you are away from a reliable source of electricity. These are the most convenient way to charge your phone when you are away from a power outlet. They are available in plenty of styles you can choose from.

Create Your Own Cable Bag - This is a collection of USB cables sorted by type and put together in a nice storage bag so that they can easily find the right cable when they need it. Suggested cables are USB-A to USB-C, USB-A to USB-B, USB-A to Micro, and audio cables.

If your computer friend likes to take pictures using a DSLR camera consider buying some extra SD cards. I would recommend getting at least 128GB or greater. You can never have enough cards when you go on vacation or planned photo shoot.

Apple Gift Card - Perhaps your friend is looking to upgrade their computer in the near future to get an Apple Card so they are one step closer to that purchase. Tip: Get the card at BJs or Costco. You can get about $5 off any gift card value. That is - more bang for your dollar.

Storage Drawer Carts - Help your friend be more organized with a multiple-drawer storage cart. These can be used to separate office supplies and various cables and gear. Very useful to stay organized and be more productive. The Container Store has some good solutions.



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